More on the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method

Here are links to more sources of information about the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method. Listed first are issues of the journal The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known that contain important commentaries by Ellen Reiss and lectures by Eli Siegel about the meaning of education. Some of these also contain powerful papers by educators who, like me, have studied and used the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method and seen its great efficacy in their classrooms. The lessons they discuss are about various subjects and were given to students from early childhood grades through high school.

How Our Schools Can Really Succeed, September 12, 2012

—with a paper by elementary school teacher Lauren Phillips on earth science, demonstrating how the Aesthetic Realism method has young children love learning

The Answer for America’s Schools, September 28, 2011

—with a paper by middle school math teacher Zvia Ratz, about algebra and ethics, showing that the just way of seeing sameness and difference between people can oppose students’ desire to bully others

Needed by America’s Schoolchildren!, September 15, 2010

—with a paper by high school biology teacher and consultant with All For Education Rosemary Plumstead, in which she presents lessons she gave about the opposites in the beautiful structure of a leaf

Learning: Ourselves & a World to Love, November 25, 2009

Editor Ellen Reiss writes: “This issue features the lecture Eli Siegel gave on March 6, 1947 at Steinway Hall: Education and Feeling Good. The record we have of it is notes taken at the time, and these are somewhat fragmentary. Yet the grandeur of this lecture comes through, its aliveness, its newness—and its importance”

Education: Ethical and Beautiful, January 3, 2001

This issue begins the serialization of Eli Siegel’s great lecture of 1973 Educational Method Is Poetic, which I love! It also contains Ellen Reiss’s commentary describing, among much else, the importance of public education.

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