I’m glad to welcome you to my website. On its pages, you’ll read about what I’ve learned from Aesthetic Realism, the philosophy founded by the American poet, critic and educator Eli Siegel. This exciting study has given me a joyous and useful life. This includes a long career as an English educator in New York City and a very happy marriage.

Here is some of what you’ll find on this site:

articles on the tremendous effectiveness of the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method.

I’m one of many K-12 teachers who have used this method with thrilling success—even at this time of turmoil in American education. The articles you’ll read are based on my own use of the Aesthetic Realism method. I’ve spoken about this great method in English conferences in many states, and have been published in English education journals.

papers first presented at public seminars at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation

on subjects that concern everyone: including love, kindness, justice, and how to see people. You can read my work, and also papers by some of my colleagues. We write about notable women and men in the arts and in history; novels, short stories, and plays; films. From these papers, you’ll see more about the great effect that the study of Aesthetic Realism can have on a person’s life!

reports of lectures by Eli Siegel and classes taught by Ellen Reiss,

the Aesthetic Realism Chairman of Education, with whom I’m proud to study. Some  of these reports are on poetry, the relation of art and science, and the wonderful meaning of idioms.

links to many resources I find valuable.

I’ve included links to a number of websites very useful to me as an English educator. I also have a page of links to websites that give more information about the study of Aesthetic Realism.

To start reading, click on any of the links on the right or the tabs in the menu above. You can also check out my other blogs: “Aesthetic Realism and the Works of Edith Wharton,” and “The Aesthetics of…”. Enjoy!



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