“Timothy Lynch Represents America”

timothy-lynchOn January 30, a very dear friend and colleague died. He was Timothy Lynch—President of Teamsters Local 1205, and an actor and singer with the Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company. Knowing Timothy strengthened every person he was close to. He was loved as a labor leader, for his depth as an actor, and for his lyrical and passionate singing voice. He was loved and valued—and is sorely missed—as a friend to so many, many people, and I’m proud to be among them.

In the current issue of the periodical The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known, its editor, Ellen Reiss, to whom Timothy was married, writes with feeling both deeply personal and culturally wide and exact—writes magnificently—about the meaning of the important life of Timothy Lynch. Included in this issue are statements from the February 21 Memorial Event honoring that life, and a statement by Timothy about what he learned from Aesthetic Realism and its founder Eli Siegel about the meaning of labor—a meaning he worked throughout his union career to be fair to.

This issue includes a link to a video of his acting, singing, and speaking that was shown at this tremendously moving event. I include that link below as well.

I think every person reading this issue of TRO and seeing this video will be made stronger.

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