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Art Is Within Science

How Musical Can Sadness Be?—or, Grief, Anger, Hope

Man Is Poetically Shown in Southern Road, 1932

— — Eli Siegel on Sterling Brown’s Southern Road, 1932

Poetry, Atmosphere and Neatness

Some Poetry Is Distinguished

— — Some Poetry Is Distinguished—Part 2

The World Is In Idioms


— Liking the World versus Contempt: on Gogol’s “The Nose”

— More on the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method

— Poetry as Justice: Through the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method, Aesthetics Defeats Contempt

— Students Choose Knowing the World, Not Fighting with It

— Through Aesthetic Realism Interest Wins, Cynicism Loses

Life & Love

— A Woman’s Determination: What Makes It Right or Wrong?

    — — A Woman’s Determination: Right or Wrong?, part 2

  — Caring for People—Wisdom or Foolishness?

— Is Kindness Intelligent, Selfish, Strong?

— Justice versus Injustice in Men & Women

— The Debate in Every Person: To Have More Feeling or Less?

— True Self-Expression, and What Interferes

— We Want to Be Happy—But Do We Also Want Not to Be?

— What Are Women Looking For in Love?

— What Is Woman’s Greatest Victory—Appearing Beautiful or Seeing Beautifully?

— What, in a Woman Herself, Interferes with Love?

— What’s Real Intelligence—about Ourselves and the World?

— — What’s Real Intelligence? — Part 2

— — What’s Real Intelligence? —Part 3

— Favorite Links about Literature & Teaching English

— To find out more about Aesthetic Realism

Literature & Life: A Blog

Photos & Travel

— Cities

— Landscapes



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