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I hope that, as you explore my website, you’ll want to learn more about the education of Aesthetic Realism, with its understanding of the world, the arts, and the human self. Studying it has made my life rich and happy, and it can do this for every person.

A few ill-motivated people have used the web to lie about Aesthetic Realism. I hope you’ll use your critical mind to see past these lies, and find out about the logical, beautiful, honest education that is Aesthetic Realism.

Here are just some of the many websites through which you can learn more!

Aesthetic Realism Foundation
Public seminars at the Foundation, about women’s and men’s questions, art, music, education & more

Art & Life: What Do They Have to Do with Each Other—Thursday, April 6 @ 6:30 PM
Artists Marcia Rackow, Donita Ellison, and Anthony Romeo

→Special theatrical & musical events

April 9 @ 2:30 PM: Shakespeare, Mozart, &—The Victory You Want Most!
Eli Siegel’s lecture on Shakespeare’s Tempest with scenes from the play, and “Mozart’s Flute Concerto in G Shows the Victory of Self-Questioning!”

Self and World: An Explanation of Aesthetic Realism, by Eli Siegel

The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method

Aesthetic Realism Online Library

The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known: on EducationLiterature & Poetry; Economics;  Mind, &  Men & Women, Life & Love.
Here are some issues from the past several months:

Beauty & Dissatisfaction—Issue #1922

→”Timothy Lynch Represents America”—Issue #1924 

→”The Fight in Each of Us& in Economics”—Issue #1930

Poems by Eli Siegel. Here are some that I love: “Hot Afternoons Have Been in Montana,” “Quiet, Tears, Babies,” “Hell, What Is This About, Asked Again,” “The Lord Has Stolen Her Whims,” “Any Star and Shakey.”

Friends of Aesthetic Realism: Countering the Lies
See statements by: Barbara Allen;  Timothy LynchRuth Oron; Carrie Wilson; Edward Green, PhD;

Aesthetic Realism in the News

El Realismo Estético: a Spanish-language website about Aesthetic Realism

The Aesthetic Realism Theatre Company
→”Real Self-Expression: How Can a Man Have It?”—an article by Bennett Cooperman, including a discussion on the great actor Edmund Kean
“I Believe This about Acting”—by Anne Fielding, director & award-winning actor and teacher of acting

Aesthetic Realism Encourages Self-Expression

The Aesthetics of…

The Beauty of NYC
→“Can We Be Both Lighthearted And Serious?”—The Chrysler Building Shows How!” by Anthony Romeo 

→”The Brooklyn Bridge: A Study in Greatness”
→The New York Subway: A Century

Len Bernstein: Photography, Life & the Opposites
→“What Do the World and People Deserve?”—with a discussion of Jacob Riis

Arnold Perey, PhD—Aesthetic A New Perspective for Anthropology & Sociology
→Gwe: A Novel against Racism
→The Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method in Anthropology

Edward Green, PhD—Composer, Musicologist &  Aesthetic Realism Associate

Barbara Allen—On the Aesthetic Realism Understanding of Music & Its Relation to Life

Alan ShapiroMusic Educator, Jazz Pianist, and Aesthetic Realism Associate

Lynette Abel—Aesthetic Realism & Life
→Report of a lecture by Eli Siegel on Miracle at Verdun

What’s More Important: To Appreciate Rightly or  Be Praised?—with a discussion of The Sound of Music

Michael Palmer, writer
→”Triumph and Sadness: Opposites in Ourselves and in Nat Fein’s Photo of Babe Ruth’s Farewell”

Imagery Film, Ltd., Ken Kimmelman, Director

Chaim Koppelman, Printmaker

Women, Ethics and Aesthetic Realism

Bennett Cooperman & Meryl Nietsch-Cooperman: Men, Women, Art

Kevin Fennell: Rock and Roll—and Life

Further links about Aesthetic Realism


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