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Love: Illustrated in Renoir's Dance at Bougival

Here you’ll find papers I’ve given in seminars at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation. They are about love, intelligence, kindness, caring for people, determination, justice, and more. The way Aesthetic Realism sees love is new, beautiful, practical. Eli Siegel stated, in Self and World:

“The purpose of love is to feel closely one with things as a whole.”

What I’ve learned has made me kinder, happier, more truly expressed. It has also made possible my very happy marriage to Alan Shapiro, jazz pianist and teacher of music. Here are just a few of the papers I’ve written:

What, in a Woman Herself, Interferes with Love?
including a discussion of Neil Simon’s 1977 film “The Goodbye Girl”

The Debate in a Person: to Have More Feeling or Less?
with a discussion of the courageous Minerva Mirabal of the Dominican Republic

A Woman’s Determination: What Makes It Right or Wrong?
including a discussion of O. Henry’s short story “The Last Leaf”

Is Kindness Intelligent—Selfish—Strong?
containing a discussion of the life of the 19th-century Transcendentalist writer and educator Elizabeth Palmer Peabody

True Self-Expression & What Interferes
with a discussion of aspects of the life of anti-apartheid activist Mary Benson of South Africa

To read more of my papers, click on any of the links in the drop-down menu above or on the sidebar.

Here are links to papers by my colleagues:

Does Our Anger Weaken or Strengthen Us?—by Bruce Blaustein
including a discussion of the important American actor Spencer Tracy

How Can Men and Women Be Sure of Themselves?—by Lynette Abel
with discussion of “The Second Choice,” a short story by Theodore Dreiser

What Should a Woman Be Passionate About?by Miriam Weiss
including a discussion of the life of abolitionist Lydia Maria Child

A Woman Whose Name Was Truth—by Karen Van Outryve
about the life of the important Abolitionist Sojourner Truth

Vanity versus Happiness: Can a Man Distinguish between Them?by Ernest DeFilippis
with discussion of the character Eilert Lovborg from Ibsen’s Hedda Gabler

Is Kindness Strength?by Dale Laurin
about the life of Thaddeus Stevens

The Fight in Every Woman between Selfishness & Generosityby Nancy Huntting
including a discussion of American journalist Martha Gelhorn

Mind and Body: Can a Man Use Both to Be Kind?by Steven Weiner
with a consideration of Sons and Lovers by D.H. Lawrence

How Can a Man Have True Integrity?by Edward Green
with a discussion of Ichabod Crane from “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”

What Kind of Effect on Men?by Lauren Phillips
a description of Aesthetic Realism consultations

A Man’s Imagination: What Makes It a Friend or Foe?by Kevin Fennell
including a discussion of the life of English novelist Anthony Trollope

How Do Men Hurt Themselves—in Love, the Family, Economics?—by Bruce Blaustein
with a consideration of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman

What Makes a Man Truly Strong?by Dale Laurin
including a discussion of the classic film Casablanca

The Pleasures and Perils of Conceitby Steven Weiner
with a consideration of Gilbert Osmond in Henry James’ novel The Portrait of a Lady

Can Men & Women Be Intelligent in Love?by Lauren Phillips
with discussion of the Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller

Individuality & Love: Do They Have to Fight?by Harriet Bernstein
with discussion of the life of American actress and comedienne Lucille Ball

Wowing People and Liking Oneself—What Is the Difference?by Jeffrey Carduner
with discussion of the life and work of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Public Self & Private Thoughts—Does a Man Have to Pretend?by Ken Kimmelman
with discussion of the life and work of Groucho Marx

And here is a link to issues of the journal The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known that deal with Men & Women; Life & Love



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