Reports of Aesthetic Realism Classes

When you mouse over the menu tab above you’ll find reports of some of the thrilling lectures by Eli Siegel. There are also reports of classes for Aesthetic Realism consultants and associates taught by Ellen Reiss.

For nearly four decades, Eli Siegel lectured on a wide variety of subjects. He spoke on the arts and sciences; ethics; economics; history; poetry; the works of Shakespeare, Ibsen, Dickens, and more. He looked at the lives of noted people of the past—some famous, some whose work had been forgotten. He spoke deeply and incisively about events that were happening around the world at the very time when he was speaking. Thankfully, these lectures have been recorded and I’m very grateful to be able to study them now.

Now, Ellen Reiss, the Chairman of Education, continues this beautiful and careful looking. In her classes, we learn how Aesthetic Realism explains the self, events in the news, and so much more. Ms. Reiss is also the editor of the weekly international periodical The Right of Aesthetic Realism to Be Known.

Here are links to reports by my colleagues:

Lynette Abel: on a lecture about Hans Chlumberg’s play about WWI Miracle at Verdun
Carol McCluer: on a lecture about 18th century drama: “There Was Stage, 18th Century, Poetry
Bennett Cooperman: on a lecture about the great actor Edmund Kean

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