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Leila Rosen, Aesthetic Realism associate and English educatorI’m originally from Brooklyn, New York. With my husband, Alan Shapiro—jazz pianist and music teacher—I live now on Manhattan’s Lower East Side. I graduated from CCNY magna cum laude with a major in linguistics. Later, I earned an MA from Hunter College. In 1975, I began to study Aesthetic Realism in consultations. It was my great honor to attend classes with Eli Siegel from 1977 until his death in 1978. Since then, as an Aesthetic Realism associate, I’ve studied in the professional classes with the Chairman of Education, Ellen Reiss.

After 29 years of teaching English in New York City, I retired in 2010. I’m proud to have given workshops about the success of the Aesthetic Realism Teaching Method at numerous English education conferences. Many have been for the National Council of Teachers of English and its affiliates in New York, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. Among the talks I’ve presented are: “The Opposites Make English Come Alive!” and “Comedy, Poetry and Justice to People.” As teacher educator, I’ve also given staff development workshops with my colleagues.

At public seminars at the Aesthetic Realism Foundation, I’ve presented papers about the questions of women. Some subjects have been: “A Woman’s Determination: What Makes It Right or Wrong?”; “Independence & Need in Our Lives: How Can They Make Sense?”; “True Self-Expression & What Interferes,” “Care for Yourself & Justice to Others—Do They Have to Fight?” In some of these papers, I’ve discussed literary works I love. These include: Harper Lee’s American classic To Kill a Mockingbird, “The Necklace,” by Guy De Maupassant, Edith Wharton’s The Custom of the Country, and John Steinbeck’s powerful novel The Grapes of Wrath. In other papers, I’ve spoken about important women in  history. Here are a few: the courageous Minerva Mirabal of the Dominican Republic, the anti-apartheid activist Mary Benson of South Africa, and the American educator and Transcendentalist Elizabeth Palmer Peabody. You’ll find links to many of these papers on this site.

I love literature—particularly poetry and classic novels; photography; music; movies, and cooking. My husband and I enjoy exploring New York City and State, as well as traveling to other parts of the US and abroad. We like spending time at the beach, in the mountains, in the countryside, and in bustling cities. And we also like being at home in the company of our very sweet kitties, Louie (Armstrong) and Cordelia.


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